Expak Systems Oy

Vanha Talvitie 2A 17
00580 Helsinki

Sales tel. +358 50 3396 569
Office tel. +358 40 7533 320
Business ID: 1096968-3

Customer support

Office hours 8am to 5pm
+358 45 125 2766


Name Expak Systems Oy
Business-ID 1096968-3
EDI 003710969683
Operator Itella Information Logistics Oy
Operator-ID 003710948874

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Expak Systems Oy
PL 31385

About Us

Expak systems Oy is a Finnish company which develops Expak cloud solutions for better supply chain management (SCM). The solution is in active use in over twenty different industries, delivering impressive results to manufacturing, wholesale and e-commerce. The solution is used for demand planning, inventory management, fulfillment management, production planning and capacity planning. The company grows profitably and has issued an AA credit rating.

We help our customers with their supply chain and operations development needs. At the moment, the solution includes built-in best practices and over one hundred ready-to-use reports with world class supply chain analytics.

Office location

Office and training facilities are located in Helsinki, in area called Tukkutori which has a long history of trading and wholesale.

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  • Tommi Hyyrynen

    Tommi Hyyrynen

    • CEO
    • tommi.hyyrynen(at)expak.fi
    • +358 40 525 4211
  • Jyrki Salmivuori

    Jyrki Salmivuori

    • Leading consultant
    • jyrki.salmivuori(at)expak.fi
    • +358 40 750 4003
  • Markus Kivistö

    Markus Kivistö

    • Consultant, product development
    • markus.kivisto(at)expak.fi
  • Sameli Viitanen

    Sameli Viitanen

    • Customer support manager
    • sameli.viitanen(at)expak.fi
    • +358 40 650 6566
  • Harri Mölsä

    Harri Mölsä

    • Technical consultant
    • harri.molsa(at)expak.fi
    • +358 40 030 6175
  • Mireille Sillander

    Mireille Sillander

    • Marketing
    • mireille.sillander(at)expak.fi
    • +358 40 753 3320

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